Some Qualities Your Car Cushion Must Have if You Suffer from Back Pain

After sitting for hours in front of the computer, you still need to drive through heavy traffics to get home. Even though you are just sitting, driving can be very exhausting and painful experience, especially if you are suffering from back pain. Using cold pack to lessen the pain definitely will work but it is not a permanent solution. However, once the coldness from the pack is gone, the pain will go back. You will need to prevent the pain from coming by equipping your car seat with an ergonomic cushion. This is how you choose the best one.

Lumbar Support

Since you are suffering from back pain, it means you will benefit from a car cushion with lumbar support. Lumbar support will make sure your spine is in its natural condition when you are sitting. As a result, you will not feel pain even if you are sitting in the same position for hours. To take the full advantage of lumbar support, you need to purchase back support cushions instead of the usual simple cushion.

Get the Right Size and Shape

Car cushions are not created the same. Even though most of them are designed ergonomically, it doesn’t mean that all of them will be suitable for you. Before you purchase it, it is best if you test the cushion first to make sure that the size and shape are suitable for you.

Consider Full Seat Cushion

Back support cushion with lumbar support is actually more than enough to prevent back pain when driving. However, if you think, the height of your car seat is too low, maybe you should consider purchasing full seat cushion. The seat cushion will heighten your position so you can drive more conveniently without putting too much strain on your back and arms. It is more expensive than simple cushion or back support cushion, but it is also more beneficial.

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