The 3 Step Approach to Health, Wellness and Longevity

Have you ever heard of the 3 steps to health, wellness and longevity? Having a healthy diet is very important in today’s world. But I’m not talking just diet. I’m referring to nutritional supplements. Most people that I talk to take a muti-vitamin which is a good course of action. However, when ever I mention the 3 steps most people have no idea what I am talking about. Let, me briefly go over these 3 steps.

The 3 steps are detoxify your body, feed your body and preserve your body. Detoxifying your body is the first step to a balanced approach to nutritional supplements. Let’s say for example I have an apple and I cut the apple in half. What will happen to the apple? The apple will soon turn brown from the exposure to the air or free radicals. Well, the same air that turns the apple brown will cause our system to rust on the inside in a manner of speaking. So, the first step is a good anti-oxidant to keep our system functioning properly on the inside.

Step two is to feed our body with a high quality mineral supplement. Did you know that the body needs 86 trace minerals a day to function properly. In fact, craving sugar is a result of a mineral deficiency.

The third and final step is to preserve your youth with a high quality supplement for the immune system. Practicing the 3 step approach to health wellness and longevity will increase your energy and sharpen your mind. Taking nutritional supplements is not a luxury, but a necessity. We use to get most of our vitamins and minerals from the foods that we eat. However, due to the depletion of minerals in the soil from which the food is grown we must supplement.

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